Opinions and ass holes

You know that quote "Opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one"?
Yeah, anyone else notice that with wedding planning there are a lot of ass holes out there? I will not point fingers to anyone directly in my life, however I have a few ass holes that surround it.

 I am a loud mouthed Italian woman. I speak my mind loud and clear for all to hear. I do not do it to be rude. I do it because my whole life I was never heard or seen for that matter.  I am vocal. I want it MY way or NO way. My Husband caters to that 100% *winks* After almost 10 years, he knows better.
Happy wife = Happy life.
With that said, I have a some insisting on a few things at our reception. OK, I will hear you out but in the end, it is my choice. I guess the whole "it's your wedding" doesn't apply in some areas. They don't want to hear me out. Quite frankly, I don't think they give a shit. Apparently they get the final say, not me.

I am tired of the same conversation day after day about certain "requests". I am once again not heard. I feel like a child again. I am at the point where I feel beat down and I am about to give in. Give them their damn way and leave me alone. SERIOUSLY!!! Obviously, YOU know whats best right? What the hell do I know? I am just the girl standing there in the pretty sparkling dress being dictated by others holding the puppet strings. That is how I feel.

I had the whole day planned out down to every detail. Now, because I have "quit" I am changing the whole schedule. After all, I need to accommodate others requests. Who was I KIDDING when I honestly thought this day was about "US". Us apparently means all those coming! I know, I know.. I can hear you all now saying
"It's your day you do it your way! Forget everyone else!"
Easier said than done this time.

I have officially thrown in the towel and am giving way to all those ass hole opinions because I have lost control. I just want our normal life back with no stress or bull shit. I really love my Husband and the only reason this production is taking place is because he wanted it. I got the wedding I wanted. Small, private and simple. I should have enjoyed it while I had it because this shit is the opposite of that.
Will I hold a grudge? HELL YES! Thats the type of person I am. I will be pissed till the day I die about all the changes I had to make to fit others "perceptions" of what this event should be like.
I just don't care anymore..I just don't. I have no energy left in me to even complete the tasks left. I am now doing it half ass because no one gives a shit anyways, so why should I?

With that said..bring on your opinions ass holes! Force them down my throats! You know I will give in..


amyjane said...

Don't give in, your ideas are great, we had the same problem just with out engagement party and was told what to do by a divorced woman, there are no laws as to what you have to do so, just think if you upset a few people who cares as long as you have the best time with everything your way they should go along with it and be happy for you, put your foot down. BTW you look amazing in your dresses.

Anonymous said...


Shayne said...

Thank you!
Well we have worked out a way to get everyone happy so I am happy. Just drives me bonkers that there are so many opinions on what is right and not right.