How sweet it is!

So I returned our old favors because I am instant on making more stress for myself . I wanted chocolate bars from the beginning and what I want, I eventually end up getting. Who doesnt love chocolate? I figured, a red heart candle holder that people will more than likely leave at the reception hall OR chocolate. Chocolate won. Maybe my current status of PMS has taken control?

I made the template (of course) and the candy bars..What a deal!!
We have a Worlds Finest Chocolate Outlet out here. Ya ready for this? Full size chocolate bar 25 CENTS EACH!!
They are the crunch kind (Like Nestles crunch) but thats FINE by me. 200 wrappers cost me $20.00 to be printed and cut. I also got an even better deal on the candy because when I spent over 50 bucks I got an additional 15% off. I paid like 40 bucks for 200 candy bars.

100 down, 100 more to go!! I love the saying on it too. I wanted something different than all the quirky versions that replicate HERSHEYS. Haven't seen this quote yet on a custom candy bar..but I am sure I soon will. I love inspiring others!!

UPDATE!! I posted my template for anyone interested. The measurements are 6.75 inches  wide and 6 inches tall. I suggest getting them printed on a standard paper. I got one with a slightly higher quality, and it has made it harder to wrap. I sealed it with double sided sticky tape. The file is a High Res at 300DPI


Teenage Bride said...

What a cute idea! I love this. What a cheap alternative.

Sara said...

those look perfect!!

Shayne said...

Thank you much!!