FREEBIE!! Wine glass lamp shade template

I have seen this template on one site only and it is not editable. I decided to use photoshop and create this template for the wine glass lamp shade in various forms of Damask.
There is:
White with black damask
Black with white damask
Chocolate damask
Hot pink damask
Lime green damask
and Yellow damask

Yay to freebies!!!

It is designed to be printed out on a standard 8.5x11 vellum paper. I also suggest using battery tea lights instead of the real thing..we dont want a fire! Also, print out the template on standard paper at home, cut it out and tape it. Bring this with you wine glass shopping. The glass I had at home is a little to large for this template so it looks a little odd. This was a crappy mock up just to show you the template works. Like I said my glass was a little to large. I also didn't cut or tape it so straight (oops!)

You can find all the colors HERE

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Anonymous said...

君子立恆志,小人恆立志。................. ................................................

Teenage Bride said...

How do people get so creative!!! Where were you when i got married!!! So cute! Love it.

Shayne said...

Awww! Maybe if you renew your vows I will still be around :) It is my job after all

jnikkist said...

Very cute!!! I cant wait to email you about my wedding. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

DIY Wedding MOM said...

Could you please tell me where the Worlds Finest chocolate outlet is located?