Dude, you're a creeper!

My Ex Husband may be a creeper! Before I explain why, you have to know..he lives almost 2 hours away from me and his kids.... TWO HOURS!

I find it odd that he is having his wedding reception where I got married at. Ummm, ok?
I find it odd that his wedding colors with his new wife are the exact same colors from when we got married. Why would he let his soon to be wife pick those colors and not once tell her "Hey that was mine & Shaynes colors"?
I find it odd that he wasn't going to get married until 2011 or 2012 but when Chris and I confirmed our date, he moved it to up 2010.

Some people say its a coincidence, after today you will know it is NOT.

I took my boys to get their hair cut today. My girl (who is also one of my bridesmaids) has been doing my hair for almost 10 years. My kids have only gotten their hair cut by her. Imagine my surprise when she told me today that about 2 weeks ago my Ex Husband asked HER if SHE would do his soon to be wifes hair on their wedding day?
WTF!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!? You mean to tell me your fiancee thinks this is a GOOD IDEA? Oh yeah, ask Shaynes hair stylist who is also her bridesmaid if she can do my wedding hair.
OH HELL NO!!!! Of course my girl said she works Saturdays and cant get the day off. She wouldn't of done it anyways but she was being polite.
Dude get your own freckin hair stylist, get your own wedding location, get your own wedding colors!
You're a CREEPER!! Honestly, I think this is flat out f***ed up!! Who does that? He asked my friend and bridesmaid to do his wifes hair on their wedding day? LMAO!!
His soon to be wife is a total bitch. She talks smack about me all the time. My ex husband is a piece of crap. Can you believe this broad told my Ex Husband that I was not allowed to pay my respects to his family when his Grandmother passed away recently? I have known his Grandmother since I was 17. I am now 34. We went shopping once a week for almost 7 years. I ate lunch at her home every Thursday..and this broad says I cant go? Now ya wanna use my hairstylist?
Seriously, youre a bunch of freckin creepers and you suck ass.

My Ex is a creeper.


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Teenage Bride said...

Wow that is certainly not a coincidence.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my post. I loved the picture of your wall, would you be creeped out if I stole your idea hahaha

Shayne said...

No feel free to steal it!! I believe I got it at Hobby Lobby