You did WHAT?! Part 2

Today I told my Daughter what her Brother did..she freaked out. She then ran into his room yelling
She then walked upstairs...
"Mom, he took it out"
Really? Humm. Maybe my son decided to remove it so he would not be grounded until he was 27. I told my son last night, remove it now and your Step Dad will not even know..I just assumed he took me up on my offer. I told my Husband anyways.
When my son finally crawled out of bed at 4:00 pm (yeah, rough life right?) I asked him why he took it out. You wont believe what he said..
"Because you were so upset and I felt bad"
Awwwww!! Hes a Mommas boy!! 
"HA! You love me!!" I said.
His reply:
"Yeah, thats why I took it out"

I guess hes not the typical teenager after all!

Teenagers do stupid shit. I know I did. All you can do is be honest with them. I have never sugar coated my past with my kids. I have always been honest. They always tend to tell me everything. From breakups, to first kisses and the latest drama in school, I am glad they feel they can come to me. My son actually took the lip ring out because I was hurt by it. Not because I yelled or threatened him...because he hates when his Mom gets upset, and that wasnt what he wanted to do. It was to much for him to deal with.

I guess I didn't mess this shit up as bad as I thought (at least not with this one!)


KatAvery said...

cute! at least you know he loves you :P.

if he does keep it in for now however, lip piercings heal quickly if he wants to take it out later so he hasn't scarred himself for life! don't worry!

my friends and I used to do piercings for each other as teenagers (yeah...I know...)and they all healed without scarring


Teenage Bride said...

Aww what a good son!