The bargain bride

What bride doesn't love  bargains when making purchases for their wedding? I sure do and I have a few killer bargains I just had to share.

First up is the dress for my daughter Kate. She didn't want a full gown and wanted something more youthful for herself (I agreed) I went on a hunt and it landed me in Carsons. I found this dress marked down from $60.00 to $13.99!! We are adding the red sash (the belt was missing with the dress). I will also have it shortened just a tad. She will wear this dress with an ivory sash for the May 16th wedding and then use the red sash with red shoes for the September formal reception.
Next up.. Emily's dress for my May 16th date. Since it will be outside and private, I wanted something cute and comfortable for her. I hit the mall and found this cute dress at The Childrens Place for $15.00!

The Bridesmaid jewelery. I wanted something chic with a bit of vintage flair. I found this necklace on forever21.com and got another GREAT deal. I found this necklace for $5.80. I quickly snatched up 5 of them.

Shoes. I love shoes!!! At first I said the girls could wear any black shoe, they all own those! Then after a bit of thought, I realized I wanted them to rock out their all black dresses with a red shoe. It would make for great pictures. However, I could not justify making them spend more money for just a few pictures. I started another quest. I found the best deal ever on Sears.com. I found this shoe on sale for $11.99. Wow! Great! When I added them to my shopping cart, they came up for $8.39 a pair! 5 pairs of shoes for 50 bucks! Cant beat that at all!!

(Metaphor Take a Bow - Red Sears.com)

Next Up..a clutch. It wasn't my intention to get the girls a clutch..but when I saw target online had this pretty lady for $5.94 I hit quantity 5 and checked out!! WHOO!!

The link to their clearance bags is tricky so I fetched it for you.
They have clutches on clearance in blacks, reds, whites..you name it..tons under 6 bucks.

If you break this all down, so far for each bridesmaid I have purchased the following:

Clutch purse
the total per bridesmaid for all 3 items : $21.00 with tax/shipping etc.

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Chocolate Lover said...

Those are great buys! You can't beat those prices!