My wedding photographer..I adore her!!

During this whole planning process I have learned a few things.
1- Never trust a Knot Pick (I'll explain that later)
2- Wedding vendors like to over charge for EVERYTHING
3- Good people in the wedding business are hard to find

In my quest for the perfect photographer I found a gem.
I contacted Cristina on a whim. I call it fate. I know I said never trust a Knot Pick but I found her on the Knot. She was not featured nor was she a pick..but this woman SHOULD be.

I contacted her in a panic. Our booked photographer got over booked and I was in desperate need for someone. Not just anyone. I wanted a photo journalistic approach within budget..my UNDER $1,500 budget. Funny right!!
I expressed my concerns to Cristina and she was nothing but helpful, understanding and friendly.
Best of all..she was in my budget. Actually, she was UNDER my budget! SCORE!!

With her photo package she offers a free engagement shoot. Since Chris does not want engagement pictures and we are getting married privately, she offered to use our engagement shoot as our wedding shoot. AWESOME!!
Last night Cristina called me to go over a few aspects. During the call she started sharing some of her ideas.
She offered to bring that awesome veil from her pictures for me to wear in a few shots. I was thrilled by this because my fiancee hates birdcage veils. This gives me a chance to wear one in a few shots without spending any money. She then offered to bring a prop.
She will be bringing this awesome vintage suitcase as a prop for me to use in the train station. EEEKKKK!! She then started sharing ideas..
-Me walking in the empty station holding the suitcase
-Me and my Fiancee boarding the train
-Me posing sitting on the suitcase
There are so many more! To top it all off, Cristina will be making picture cards for all of our guests for our reception in September. She will be placing a picture from the wedding itself on the front of the card. On the back she will have our wedding gallery website where she will have the wedding pictures loaded along with the reception pictures. The fact she is doing this on top of everything else.. DOES make her a gem. She is going above and beyond for us. Thats the way a wedding vendor should be!

I am so blessed to have found this wonderful woman. She has been nothing but kind, loving, supportive and acts like a long time friend every single time we talk. She listens. That is so important. I have come across so many vendors that do not listen. That is not the case here.
She has a wonderful eye for detail and listens to everything you have to say. She responds quickly and answers my calls.
If there are in brides in the Chicago land area please look her up. You will NOT be disappointed.
(Yes she travels!)

Heres her link!!

or her FB fan page

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