What a week..quitting smoking & progress

Happy Valentines Day to all the wonderful ladies out there!

I have had another productive week. I will say this, quitting smoking has made me NOT want to sit at this darn computer at all! Thats where I did most my smoking! I guess I have not quit 100%. I started using an electronic cigarette. I am still getting some nicotine but with no tar or tobacco. Sounds easy but it's not lol! I have not had a normal cigarette since Thursday night..UGH!!! Wish me luck there!!

Ok so I made a wonderful purchase from Etsy and it is LOVE


I also picked up necklaces for my ladies & 6 bucks a pop from Forever21. They do have them online as well! Heres a small peek!!

Here are some other purchases made last week. Honestly, I think I am done with it all. WOOT!! I just have to work on my gowns design and order my daughers flow girl dress. I wont bother with that until 2 months proir. She will grow to much.

Cake topper Michaels $14.99

Girls flowers. $9.99 each afloral.com

Picture frame that will hold a sign at a table 50% off of $13.99 Hobby Lobby

Cake stand. 50% off of $49.99 from Hobby Lobby

Guest Book. The Fiancee wanted a traditional one 50% off of $19.99 Hobby Lobby. I also got the matching pen

2 photo mats for guests to sign. $8.99 each Michaels

Centerpiece bowls that came in. Afloral again. $2.99 each

I also ordered the rest of my flowers from Hobby Lobby. Just waiting on the call for them to come in. I got all my floral foam for the bowls as well from Michaels. $3.99 for a 6 pack. I got my black Converse today as well from Famous Footwear. I had a 20% off coupon so had to use it!

My next project will be the card box. My house is overflowed. I need to get it to my mother in laws house fast lol!!
I love progress.. I would LOVE a cigarette too (sigh)

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