I love progress. Better yet, progress under budget!!

Friday night I sat alone at the kitchen table putting together my bouquet, my daughters flower girl "kissing ball" and my toss bouquet. My Fiancee said so sweetly..
"At the risk of getting yelled at, why are you doing all of this with 7 months to go?"
My answer..To get it out of the way!!!!
I tend to stress and obsess over the little things, not just with wedding stuff either. I tend to over think every little aspect. My only cure? Get it done.

I love to Exhale!
I have ordered my bowls for the reception decor: 27-8" bowls from Afloral

I finally found the perfect shoe: Nina $48.00 from DSW

My bouquet, the toss & my daughters kissing ball: Total for all 3 items so far: $30.00

 This week I order my ladies flowers- 10$ each Afloral

My clutch- $7.00 TJ Maxx
 My birdcage veil -$20.00 with free shipping Etsy

My Jr. Bridesmaid dress for my daughter: $15.00 Carsons

Also 30 boxes of  lights from Hobby Lobby day after Christmas sale. LED for $5.00 per box for various reception elements:

The rails below will have lights as well. This is from our venue.

PHEW!! I know I am forgetting stuff! Anyways, these are just some of the things purchased & crossed off my list. 7 months to go and it may seem like I have a ton done but with 4 children, I have limited time. 
My Fiancee set up our tasting for March 19th (Yay Him!!) 
I also decided on a photographer and either this week or next we will be doing our deposit for him and more money on the reception.
Now that I see the things I have done so far with what I spent, I am a happy woman! Oh how I love progress!

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