Pimp my wedding reception!

So I have finally decided on our centerpieces. Finding pictures is another story! I want to keep it classy and elegant. A touch of vintage but still having a modern twist. (HUH?!)

So our tables will be white linens with white chair covers and a black sash.
Something like this:

For the centerpieces we plan on using a tall Eiffel vase that has white flowers. The vase will be filled with the water crystals and lit by white LED lights:

The flowers will be drapped in crystals like so (white flowers not red):

We will then have votives lit around the base of the vase. I think this will create a very elegant look and give some modern class.

Let us not forget our dance floor!:

We will also have white LED lighting up all the walls in the venue.

As for the head tables...this has to look fab as well! I am not sure about the black draping yet but for the lights we will be using LED icicle lights. Day after Christmas sales here I come!!

I know my ideas are coming together great in my head..I just wonder what it will look like in person lol!

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