Shaynes re-cap part 1

Sunday was beautiful!! The weather was calling for dark skies and rain on our day but Mother Nature took our side instead! Thank you Mother Nature. We had bright skies and a wonderful breeze! I think asking all of our friends and family to pray for nice weather really worked!

Nerves? NONE. Not one panic attack, heart flutter, shake or worrisome feeling. This actually freaked some people out (including me!). I always, always have high anxiety but today...none. I was 100% calm the whole day. I even took at nap at 11:00 am since I had an hour to kill before my makeup artist showed up! I do not have my getting ready pictures yet since my Maid of Honor hasnt sent them..so we will skip those for now.

We arrived at our location ON TIME. Not one person was late. Amazing right?? (I think so) We greeted everyone and gathered for a few pictures while waiting for the Reverend to prepare (Ok he wasn't there yet lol!)

The Mr.(right) had a few words with his Best Man "B"
and the other 2 men in my life stopped to pose (My sons ages 15 and 12)
Our youngest Emily looking gorgeous!!!
I am missing a child in this post..My Katie. She takes amazing pictures so she was designated picture taker that day! Thank you Katie! I love you to pieces!!

The Reverend arrived and we started. It was really windy that day, and that wind was a blessing. The Reverend asked everyone to gather around us in a circle as we said our vows. The wind made it hard for others to hear us.  This circle embraced us as we spoke our vows. Not planned but perfect in every way...

4 minutes. 4 personal, hand selected minutes that changed our lives forever...
This is one of my favorite pictures of the day..YES! After 9 years..FINALLY

Since we were married in a public location, we had a ton of watchers and it was amazing! People were honking their horns all day at us and honestly..I LOVED IT!! (We reacted to a honk)
We're Married!!!!!!!!!
This my friends, I can honestly say was the easiest thing in my life I have ever done.

Me and my wonderful Mother In law having a moment..a very powerful moment.

... and my Sister in Law
Theres my Katie!!!
Me loving on 2 of my babies! Kate and Jonathan

Next post..picture time!


Butterflygirlms said...

Congratulations, you are officially the MRS. WOOOHOOOO!!! FINALLY! You looked so beautiful, love the dress, hair & veil :)

Creature Gorgeous said...

Congratulations, Shayne! You are so GORGEOUS!

KatAvery said...

oh wow, I hadn't seen the ceremony pictures, they are so amazing, it looks beautiful Shayne! so emotional and heartfelt. you may be winning me over to short dresses and private ceremonies...