And the dress is...

Decisions, decisions!
So here is the deal. I want a princess dress. I think every woman does. Being a thin rail with no shape at all, a ball gown doesn't really work for me. I have discovered that a drop waist in a gown is perfect for me. A ball gown with this feature in my budget...not so easy.
I found a dress that is $3,000. That's crazy and NOT in my budget. They have a sample of the dress (YES!) 500 bucks. It will need to be altered from a size 12 to a size 4, the fabric on the bust needs to be replaced and the dress needs to be cleaned. I need this dress. I have to have this dress. I was quoted at $400 for the alterations and fixing of the dress. This places me IN budget. The catch? I can not make a purchase until the 1st week of December. I just pray the sample dress is still there. If not, I guess it is not meant to be. Honestly, if it is not there, I will cry. Loose it 100%. I have a 2nd choice in a dress but it is not the gown I always saw myself in. Pray for me fellow bloggers!! This dress would make all my dreams come true..lets just hope no other bride has my dream.
Yalonda Couture Dress - Style Lexie