Eva's Bridal of Oak Lawn burnt to the ground!!!

My Husband told me last night. He was on his way home from work and was re-directed around the blaze. My heart BREAKS for all the brides who purchased dresses from Evas Bridal in Oak Lawn. Eva's is one of the most popular Bridal Salons in the Chicagoland area

You can see the video here

Investigators returned to the scene of a bridal shop fire Thursday as some brides-to-be figured out what to do without a gown.
Flames destroyed Eva's Bridal in Oak Lawn and damaged four other adjacent businesses Wednesday afternoon.

Gowns went up in flames just days and weeks before some weddings. Now, several women are scrambling for new dresses before saying "I do."
The fire apparently began in the attic of Eva's Bridal, located in a strip mall on West 95th Street near Cicero. Some customers were inside the strip mall when the fire broke out.
"You could see the dresses go up in flames. All you could see was the wiring going up, too, and it was a significant fire," said witness Tyler Schrum.
"We had heavy fire blowing from the front of the building. Again, this is a major thoroughfare at 95th and Cicero," said Chief George Sheets, Oak Lawn Fire Deaprtment.
More than 100 firefighters were called to battle the blaze. The flames consumed the bridal shop and the thousands of gowns inside. The fire then spread to the Radio Shack nearby, destroying that store. It also damaged three neighboring businesses. While no one was hurt, it has dampened the dream weddings of many brides.
"I'm very scared. I'm hoping to still have my order," said Eva's Bridal customer Laura Tracy.
Casey Aulisa had gone to pick up her dress for her wedding Friday but found dozens of firefighters working to put out the fire instead.
"I just wanted to look like that princess for one day. It's hard," said Aulisa. "I had it custom made. It was like my aunt's. It was lacy and just beautiful. I haven't seen anything like it. Me and my mom have been out looking, and it's really hard."


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