The DESSY debacle

I have had little to complain about during the planning process, and for this I am thankful...However, there is one thing that has pissed me off more than one time. Dessy.
Yes, Dessy the maker of bridesmaids and flower girl dresses. I am going to be 100% honest and hopefully save another bride....
My girls all purchased their gowns, as well as my flower girl gown and my Junior Bridesmaid gown. They are all made by DESSY. Their crap, total CRAP! 100% garbage! The quality is sh***y. Please, don't use them!

First, the flower girl dress. I ordered extra length, did I get it? NOPE! Now I have to pay for extra fabric, have my daughters dress torn apart and have the waist dropped just to make it long enough. Thanks DESSY.

Notice you can see Emmys shoes..not suppose too!

Next, The bridesmaid dresses.
I need to post a picture to explain. Say hello to Wendy!
As you can see on the bust, theres a form of pleating detail. This is the sample gown Wendy has on, NOT her actual dress. The bust on all the gowns is less than perfect. Wendys pleating stretches out and does not lay correctly. MORE work for the seamstress. MORE money I have to spend. Again, thanks DESSY!

My Junior Bridesmaid. I didn't even get a picture of this atrocious dress. 100% CRAP!! It gives my daughter no shape, the sash isn't even sewn on 100% so it lifts, seams sewn like garbage..you name it, the crappy craftsmanship is NOT there. The dress looks like she is standing inside a black tube. Yes the dress fits! It is her size and it is correct. The sample gown looks perfect on her, the ordered gown...GARBAGE!!

The average dress from DESSY runs $220.00 or more! Ladies, save yourself the extra money, use Davids Bridal. I regret not using them myself. By the time this is done... correcting all the mistakes DESSY made, I will have spent easily another $500.00 out of OUR pockets just so my ladies don't look like sh*t!!

Thanks for your garbage DESSY! I will never recommend you to anyone.


KatAvery said...

oh yuck, that's so disappointing! i hate poor sewing!

hope you save some others the same struggle!

on the plus side, everything else has gone swimmingly for you, and at least it's not Your dress.


KatAvery said...

P.S. Am loving the new pink page. Did you use a template or did you utilize your awesome design skills to do your own html?

Shayne said...

Thank you!

I used quite a few codes form different layouts and made a little mish-mosh of a layout!

KatAvery said...

looking good! I love the photo banner at the top. xo