All hail Lord Stanley!

I'm from Chicago..you know what that means right?
I have loved Hockey my whole life because of my Father. He is a die hard Hawks fan. Tonight, I cried for my Daddy. I wish I could have been sitting with him for this game but this mom had a baseball game.

{Unpredictable Daddy!}

My son had a baseball game tonight, thank GOD for my blackberry and my kids! They text me constantly with updates and I had ESPN radio on during the baseball game. I ran to my van during overtime to get the radio on. The rest speaks for itself. WARNING: Video has swearing (I get excited lol)
This is what was on Chicago radio as they won...

This is for you Daddy!!!


Sara said...

congratulations to them!!

p.s. that video was killer. you are pretty much the most awesome fan ever. there, i said it.

Anonymous said...
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Shayne said...

lol! Thanks Sara. Was making my Daddy proud!!