ready to commit...

So I did it, well I will be doing it. Committing to my dress! I will be purchasing it this Friday the 27th! Maybe it's my lucky day, it's also my daughter Emmys Birthday!
My dress quest has been a long and painful one to say the least. I kept waiting for that "moment". I had it with my black and white dress but it scared me. I am different for sure. Our relationship is different as well. I wanted my gown to be different too..so i thought. Then I kept having second thoughts. Would I look back in 20 years wondering what the hell was I thinking? I was scared I would. I love mermaid and trumpet styles. They give me curves, but at 5ft 8 inches and only 112 pounds..I look stupid in them. I also have a displaced hip and Scoliosis. This makes my hips through any dress in that style. It makes me look even more skinny that before. NOT the look I want at all. I wanted something that looked "wedding-ish". My Fiance created that word wedding-ish. It has always stuck with me.
I wanted class, modern, elegant and something different. I didnt want a cookie cutter dress. They were all looking the same to me.
I went to the salon to look one last time. I was ready to throw in the towel and just settle on a dress. The sales consultant took me into the back room determined to help me find my vision. Something with a drop waist, a ball gown style skirt, something to hide  my bad hips, comfortable, in budget and a little bling. Thats a HUGE request isnt it? I didnt think it existed.
Then..I saw one. I put it on. It wasnt even zipped up yet and I started grinning from ear to ear. She clipped me in the dress and I said
OH MY GOD!! I then walked into the lobby to the large mirror with all the lighting. I started dancing and jumping up and down, spinning and getting so excited! the sales lady started to laugh at me and said
"Shayne this IS your dress girl!"
I squealed..
That was it. I had never agreed in all this time when a sales person said "This is your dress". I had heard it before but never committed to that phrase.
This dress excites me, I look at it all day and night at random times and smile like a dork every time I see it again. Friday I get it, I get it at 25% off for the day after Thanksgiving sale! The first 12 brides to purchase get a free headpiece or veil..wow, a FREE headpiece..YES!!
So here it is ladies. OK, I know I have said this before but this time is different. This time its REAL. This time

Casablanca Style # B003

Check out the rhinestone buttons down the back! Ohhhhhh!!


Butterflygirlms Blog Designs (Heather) said...

GIRL!! That dress is YOU!! It's GORGEOUS!! Very elegant but simple at the same time, pure lovely ;)

The Unpredictable Bride said...

Thanks Heather!! I LOVE IT!!