Bought and paid for. My Dress!!

I bought my dress on Friday! How exciting!! Got a great deal as well.

So I am able to exhale. After all this dress shopping it is finally done!! I did have to get extra length added. Im 5ft 7 1/2 so we need some added!($150.00) and alterations will be 275.00. This included fixing the length, the bustle, the cups and any other alterations I may need. I walked out with a grand total or 1,500 for everything. Not bad at all. I stayed in budget and got a dress I LOVE!!

On another note. I found the girls dresses (I think) Check this out!! The bottom detaches and makes a little black dress!!

(me in the dress here)

My daughter with bottom removed

What a great option! Now they WILL have a dress they can wear again!!

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